Is milk allergy an issue for you? DBV-Technologies are working on it!

The DBV Technologies internet site is a great port of call for anyone interested in finding out more about how medical research companies are trying to think outside of the box when it comes to treating allergies like Cows’ Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA), a very common allergy that affects up to 3% of people. It’s especially prevalent amongst infants and young children.

DBV Technologies has a section that’s dedicated to this condition at where it outlines some of the symptoms of this allergy, as well as how it has been developing a CMPA-specific patch that would provide early warning of this condition, as well as treat it. The diagram below shows exactly how this patch, called Viaskin, works. The patch is covered with a dry layer of antigens (the substance triggering the allergic reaction). The patch is placed on the arm, where the heat from the patient’s body produces moisture, with which the dry antigens mix. Now in liquid form, the antigens can go through the epidermis and reach cells called the Langerhans cells, located in the skin. These cells will start off the process of ‘tolerizing’ the body to the antigens in question.